And todays choices were.....

Today for breakfast we had:

Two pancakes
a glass of milk


Shredded Cheese???

What the hell?

Could someone please explain my son to me? Shredded cheese?


Suzanne said...

Shredded cheese is good. Maybe not with pancakes, but I sort of see it working.

ian said...

Eh, nearly everything is better with the addition of cheese.

Especially strawberry pancakes.


knightjorge said...

Don't you know by now? In the young mind of your son cheese goes with everything.

Anonymous said...

Hell, my husband will be 40 in August and he puts shredded cheese on EVERYTHING. Literally. It is completely disgusting.

At least your son's getting some dairy! Look at it like that: more vitamin D!

Kim said...

My kids eat shredded cheese like it's a food group. At least your son eats other things. There's some guy in England who's never eaten anything BUT shredded cheese, breakfast, lunch and dinner, his whole life!