Real Moms....

I was reading a new blog today and found a post about what it means to be a "Real Mom" , go check it out. It got me thinking, what is a "real mom"?

A real mom isn't afraid of that green thing hanging off her child's finger, even if she isn't sure what it is.

A real mom will eat the soggy, half eaten grahm cracker when it's offered to her, because it makes her child smile.

A real mom will cheerfully agree that, yes, blue eyeshadow does make the dog look better.

A real mom will bake three dozen cookies at eleven o'clock on a Thursday night because her daughter forgot to tell her there's a bake sale Friday morning.

A real mom will wear a bra that pokes her for six months because it means her child gets to have that toy/pair of jeans/game that they just have to have.

A real mome will smile through her tears as she watches her baby turn into a grown-up, right in front of her eyes.

A real mom will always accept you....no matter what mistakes you make.

A real mom will make the really hard decisions, so you don't have to.

A real mom will always make sure that the lights come on, the house is warm, the refrigerator is full and you never think about why that is.

A real mom is all the things you need her to be, when you need her to be them....and she never asks you to say thank you.


Paula said...

Well, I guess I'm not one then. I would NOT eat the yucky graham cracker. I wouldn't let them put makeup on the dog. And I wouldn't wear the pokey bra so my kid could have a toy - I'd buy a new bra and give them the pokey one to play with! On the other hand, my daughters see their mom as a woman who believes that her own wants and needs still have some weight even after giving birth, which I think is pretty cool since the odds are they'll be moms someday too.

Mamma said...

Now I want my kids to put blue eye shadow on the dog so I can test my real mom-ness. I think I'd laugh until I fell over.

Thanks for the pimp!

viciousrumours said...

Paula, I think you hit the nail on the head. Moms are what we make of ourselves. We are women. We are caregivers. We are lovers. We are friends. We are cookie-bakers (or buyers,depending)...but whatever we are...we are not any one thing.

Anonymous said...

I love this meme...brings out so many good qualities of us moms...

Hi prom goer..tag you're it again.