A Prom.....Delayed

Many of you may have come here over the last couple of days looking for my Blog Prom posts. I'm sorry they weren't here. A couple of days ago I tripped over the Damned Dog and my knee is now the size of a small tropical fruit. ( I haven't decided which fruit) As soon as I have seen the doctor and can again bend my knee for longer than three minutes without pain, I will post my Blog Prom posts.

I apologize for making you wait....I promise hilarity will ensue sometime next week.


Mamma said...

Feel better soon! We'll keep the party going until you heal.

ian said...

See that you do. I require significant doses of hilarity in my blogging life. :)


Paula said...

Ouch! Hope you feel better ASAP.

knightjorge said...

OUCH!! Hope your knee is normal sized soon! My cats have been trying to see the same thing happen to me for the last week. Luckily, I escaped that pain. I'm sorry you didn't.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your prom experience. I don't think I knew you had gone. Me, I didn't get to go to any of those types of things. The only year that I actually had someone to go with, a boyfriend, I'd been dropped out for about 7 months already and we were beginning the preparations for our wedding. And even if that hadn't been going on he would never have taken me to a dance, no matter how important it may have been to me. He was a jerk like that.

I never went because no one ever asked me, I was just as much man repellant then as I am now. It's stupid but I really do feel like I missed out on something by not ever having a chance to go to a dance.