My husband talks in his sleep. Nothing that makes any sense, but it can be entertaining. Take tonight for example. He's asleep, I'm typing. All of a sudden he sits up and starts pushing my pillows around the end of the bed.

Curious, I ask him what it is he thinks he's doing. Eyes half open he says, "I'm trying to move these pillows."

"To the end of the bed?" I ask

"Where else am I going to put them?" he replies

I'm laughing at this point.

"And your moving my pillows why?"

He begins to look confused, "Yours. What happened to the ones....well, that quest I was on I had too..." his voice fades out and he starts shoving at the pillows again.

"Russell, lay down, shut up and go back to sleep," I say.

He flips me the bird.

"You're in bed dumbass, not playing World of Warcraft. My pillows aren't going to get you any XP."

He flips me the bird again and lays down. With in seconds, he's snoring again.

In the morning, he will not even remember it happened. I still get to tease him about it though.

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knightjorge said...

Holy hell! That's freaking hilarious!

I miss that kind of thing about relationships.

Also funny, this guy that works with my friend Shaun winked at me on that ridiculous dating website that I'm on. I think it's funny. I wrote him and said "so you were here? Do you know him? We're friends?" I'm waiting to see what he says about that.

My life is lame. :)