Early this morning, when I couldn't sleep, I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Mulling over all the missed opportunities and the wasted time. Moping about the things I hadn't done with my life. I was doing a pretty good job of sitting on my couch throwing my own little pity party.

And then my son fussed in his sleep and called for me.

I walked into his room, my mind still turning over all the things I had to be sad and upset about and then I saw him. The moon was shining through his window and his little eyes were still closed. He rolled over and curled around his blanket and my mind stopped stewing about all the things I haven't done.

Pity party over.


knightjorge said...

How could that not help you to get over a pity party?

I was hanging out with Roxanne on Friday and we were putting her sons to bed when little Joey, who is just a few months younger than your boy, came running over and threw his arms around my legs and gave me a hug. SO SWEET! I love kids! I'm so glad that I have family and friends that have little ones for me to love right now since I don't have my own. I can't imagine my life without my nieces and nephews and my "nieces" and "nephews". The ones with quotes aren't genetically related but I love them with all my heart just the same!

It's like when your little guy wakes up when we come back from somewhere and throws himself at me. There are no moments better than that open affection from a child!

Anonymous said...

I had a tough time with motherhood at first (I'm guessing most women do)...and then I heard Maya Angelou say something I've never forgotten. She was talking about how we get so caught up in life and jobs and chores that we forget to really enjoy our children - and they notice. Her exact quote was, "Do your eyes light up when they enter the room?" And I had to take a long, hard look inside and say no. I immediately made the change to yes. No matter how tough it is, I just repeat that quote to myself.

What a sweet moment for you. For both of you, really.