Forced Vaccines?

Last week, there was a big discussion about reproductive freeedom and what that means. This week, in the same vein, I give you this little gem.

They can't even force you to vaccinate your children against chicken pox and now they want to tell me that I have to get my 13 year old daughter a shot that may or may not protect her against SOME types of cervical cancer? I don't think so.

This is a prime example of why lobbyists need to be restricted. They are paying legislators in Texas to put this on the floor. Now who could possibly benefit from this? Oh yeah, the pharmacutical company. Funny thing is if you check up on Gardasil you find out that it MIGHT protect you against SOME kinds of HPV. Okay, so they want to force parents to give their children a vaccine that hasn't even been on the market a full year and that may or may not actually protect said child? Yeah, there's no bias involved there.

This idiocy ever makes it's way to Utah and you can damn well bet I'll be standing on the steps of the Capital Building with a sign in my hot little hands.

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