Come on!

My son is two. Anyone who reads here ever will know that. My son is also one of the cutest people I know.

He has had trouble speaking and has been slow to develop a full vocabulary. We aren't sure why, but there you have it. We've been working with him and it's finally paying off. Sentences are springing up out of nowhere...the latest in his little phrase book? "Come on!"

This phrase is used when he needs my attention, when he wants to play or when he's hungry. It is always accompanied by a tugging on my shirt sleeve or my hand and is usually said with some impatience. It makes me laugh EVERY time he does it!

I am proud to say that along with his new found enunnciation the words,"please" and "thank you" are making a debut. Does my heart good.

The only down side to his chattiness? On Saturday we went outside to play. He was upset when I made him come in. His response? A sad, slow sob under his breath, "Dumb Mama".

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