I'm addicted to an online game. No it isn't Everquest or Worlds of Warcraft. Nothing quite so cool for me. I went and got myself addicted to Disney's Toontown Online. This is a game that was originally designed with children in mind, and here I am 35 years old and just trying to kill enough Cogs to get that next Laff Point.

Do you think they have a support group?


knightjorge said...

We could be totally dumb and "special" and make a combined support group for DVD addicts and Disney Toontown Onlind addicts. That would make for some interesting meetings, eh?

viciousrumours said...

Why not? They have a support group or addiction group from everything else under the sun. We could call ours DVDTTOLA. *laughs* We could hold our first meeting at the Freaky D's.