I was reading Wil Wheatons blog tonight and all I have to say is, "Thank God!"

Apparently Mr. Wheaton is feeling a bit like life, real life, you know all that crap they never told us about when we were kids? Yeah, real life, is taking up the time and energy that he used to channel into creative endeavors. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who feels that way.

The way I look at it is this, if someone as obviously talented as Wil Wheaton can have the "Life is sucking me dry." moment, then I'm not going to stress mine. I know that it will pass, but waiting for it to happen is a pain in the ass. I suppose now I feel like I have a commrade in arms, someone else that sits and stares at something that they've started and goes, "Now what the Fuck do I do?"

Here's to writer's block, may it never strike any of you.


Alidor said...

Hi S - your comment about writer's block got me thinking. You know, writer's block can occur not just from something or someone getting in the way. It seems to me it can also occur because something or someone is missing. As you wish no one to ever experience writer's block, I wish you to never experience it from something missing in your life, but rather only from something in the way. When it is this variety, it seems liklier to be able to remove the impediment than to add something back which is no longer there.


knightjorge said...

Funny thing: I've been thinking that I need to get his blog address from you again. I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation a lot lately, as you know, and it struck me that I'd like to see what he's been up to. Interesting that you posted about it right as I was thinking that I want to go and check it out again. :)

And I'm sorry that you've been suffering from writer's block/creativity block. It sucks. I've never been fully unblocked, at least as far as fiction goes, but I know that it sucks. I'd like to write some now but I'm so blocked up from work and school that I can't even think about writing or my head threatens to explode.