And your mother always told you that no one ever died from eating vegetables....

The FDA is warning consumers not to eat fresh, bagged spinach as it has been linked to a deadly outbreak of E.Coli. This does not make me feel confident in the recent changes I have made to my diet.

Remember when you were a child and you were slightly distrustful of anything that green and leafy being on your plate? I'm guessing that your mother, like mine, said something along the lines of,"Oh just eat your dinner. No one has ever died from eating vegetable."

Now children everywhere will be able to answer, "Oh yes they have!"

How ironic.


The Liz Army said...

Have your kids tried to use this line on your?!

viciousrumours said...

Not yet, but I'm sure if my daughter thought it would get her out of eating something she didn't like, she'd give it a shot. She was actually the one that told me about the news story to begin with: "Mom, when we go to the store, don't buy the spinich. It's killin people."