The Museum of Bad Art

A few days ago I was browsing around and came across an article about the ten weirdest museums in America. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm into weird. Weird is good. It keeps things from being boring, breaks the day up a bit. I read the list and my favorite turned out to be The Museum of Bad Art.

The Museum of Bad Art is in Dedham, Mass. and was founded in 1993. The collection is made up of things you would find on back shelves of thrift shops and pieces that would clutter up yard sales, desperately trying to find homes.

A couple of my favorite pieces? Peter the Kitty, How pissed off does that cat look? And Mama and Babe, Does that picture remind anyone else of "The Outer Limits"?

Take some time and browse the website. Of particular interest is the admission price and the location description. I plan to take a vacation to the East Coast specifically to take my daughter to this place. Better than the Giant Ball of Twine!

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knightjorge said...

Scary. Really scary.