The Stepford Wives...living right next door. Hitler would be so proud.

I have just read an article about Home Owners Associations in our country. They are set up under the guise of keeping neighborhoods clean and uniform...providing a positive living experience for everyone that lives there. You know, no rusting cars in the front yard, no rotting piles of garbage, that kind of thing. Sounds nice doesn't it?

But wait....

As I read on it turns out that these "associations" can fine you for things like painting your house an unapproved color, or not cutting your lawn enough. And that if you don't pay the fines you can actually be, get this, FORCLOSED ON. Now how is that even possible? I mean seiously people? What kind of acid are you taking the day you agree to give John Q Dimplehead across the street the power to tell you it's not okay to paint your house THAT color blue? And to risk losing the home YOU are paying for over it? How does that even begin to sound like a good idea?

Ahhh...the American Home Owners Association. Stepford Families of the world now have a place to call there own. Somewhere they can all gather and homogenize and teach their children that diversity is a word somewhere in the "d" section of the dictionary.

Hitler would be so proud.


knightjorge said...

As you know, my parents are subdividing their property, they actually have to write something like that for the street that they are building the houses on. Luckily my parents are not tight asses so they won't have to many restrictions and I guarantee that none of them will be too outrageous but apparently it's not even up to them. It's some kind of requirement. I'd have to double check on that but I'm pretty sure that's what they were telling me.

viciousrumours said...

Yes, but having met at least your father I'm sure that he wouldn't be all.." NO, I'm sorry but Blue is completly out of the question. We're going to have to fine you 500 dollars." You know?

knightjorge said...

This is very true. He and my mother are being very selective in what kind of restrictions/rules they put in place. I wouldn't mind living in their little neighborhood I'm sure.