Okay, so now I'm just bored....

Pulled this off of Stephanie's blog. I'm bored and I can't sleep, figured I'd answer pointless questions, then maybe make some phone calls....

A - Available: For Birthday Parties, Weddings and the ocassional Bar Mitzvah.
A - Age: older than some, not as old as others
A - Annoyance: Stupidity...of all kinds.

B - Bestest Friend: Stephanie
B - Bad Habit: Which one?
B - Birthday: December 23

C - Crush: Orange, Grape or Strawberry????
C - Car: none
C - Cats: no thanks

D - Dead Pets: five dogs, two cats, three goldfish, two rabbits and one poor poor hamster
D - Desk Top Picture: A Scanner Darkly still of Keanu
D - Dogs: One...and he's really cute

E - Easiest person to talk to: Stephanie, Dollie or Russ
E - Eggs: Only scrambled
E - Email: As a casual form of correspondance only

F - Favorite color: Purple
F - Food: I'm partial to it.
F - Favorite number: People have those? Isn't that kind of obsessive?

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms...more fun to play with. But then...bears are easier to hide in your pockets
G - God: Has a serious sense of humour
G - Good Times: A great show from the 70's

H - Hair Color: Dark brown...or black, depending
H - Height: 5'5"
H - Happy: Today? Yes

I - Ice Cream: Vanilla, ocassionally something more adventerous.
I - In school?: Soon
I - Idiots?:You're kidding right? Have you been outside?

J - Jewelry: No thanks
J - Jobs: At last count, well over 100
J - Jokes: Most of the ones I know are to long to put in this little space.

K - Kids: Four...two living with me, two adopted
K - Karate: That and about five other Chinese words..yeah, I've seen the T-Shirt too.
K - Know a Katie: Not personally....

L - Longest Car Ride: From Williston, North Dakota to Lake Powell, Utah...When I was nine...in the summer...with no air conditioner...and two toddlers....and an angry mother.
L - Last phone call: From Stephanie
L - Love: Can be a serious pain in the ass.

M - Milk Flavor: Plain
M - Movie Last Watched: NightWatch
M - Moms name: Jorjan

N - Number of Siblings: 5
N - Northern or Southern?: Is this a hemisphere choice, a cultural choice, what?
N - Name: Serena

O - One Phobia: Driving
O - Open About yourself?: Yes
O - Occupation: Manager...Cricket Wireless

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: Biological parents:Divorced Mother and Stepfather: Married
P - Party: Not any more
P - Police: Once or twice...you figure it out

Q - Quote: "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." Roslind Russell, Auntie Mame
Q - Quick or Slow: All I can hear now is that song from "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Q - Que pasa: Cheddar, oh wait, that's QUESO....

R - Reality TV Shows: Funny as hell, if you watch the right ones
R - Right or Left: Depends on the issue.
R - Right now: Answering these silly questions that no one will ever read.

S - Song Last Heard: Night on Bald Mountain
S - Season: Late Spring or Early Fall
s - Sex: Because of the boobs, I'm going to go with Female.

T - Time to get up: Ask my son, it's usually his call.
T - Time Now: 11:58 PM
T - Time for bed: When I can't keep my eyes open

U - Unicorns: Make for good fiction and great art
U - Unicycle: not my cup of tea
U - Unibrow: Oh, that's just nasty

V - Vending Machine: Home of the hip widner and the gut bomb
V - Visual basic: Never learned it
V - Victory: Q'Pla (only a real geek will be able to read that and tell me what's wrong with it)

W - Water: I need more of it
W - Women: usually dislike me
W - Work: Only because I have to, anyone who says anything else is a LIAR...

X - X-Rays: Will turn you into a raging green monster..oh wait, that was GAMMA RAYS
X - X Files: YUMMY, David Duchovney
X - X Men: Until the last one, pretty damn good...

Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: Wallpaper (obscure literary reference)
Y - Yikes: I'm really really bored

Z - Zoo Animal: I detest zoos
Z - Zerox: streching for it now aren't you..I would have gone with zipper
Z - Zanzibar: Would be nice to visit

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