It's Sunday. Not much else to say. The weather was nice. I took a nap.

Wow...my life is boring.

I seriously need to try something new. Brazilian frog juggling or French Poodle Shaving or something. Any suggestions? Maybe I'll take up Nude Interpretive Jello Wrestling.

I'll be taking suggestions all week.

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knightjorge said...

How about Tasha killing? That would be fun. Her boss brought her down to have her badge changed today and she was trying to joke around with me, not a good idea on a normal day let alone a day when I just got back from having a week off and I have a whole fuck load of work to do. She was all "Me and Stephanie go way back!" It was nauseating. I probably spelled that wrong but I don't care today I'm too busy. I shouldn't be on here but I had to do something that wasn't work related for a minute or my brain would explode. I'm starting to feel a little bit better now though.

I have a thought. Can we write that damn book and get rich already? I would love to quit working!!