So yeah......

Well, here it is almost midnight and I'm still awake.....AGAIN. Anyone reading this surprised? No? Didn't think so. Moving on.

The day started out well, got some good news, got excited about that. Then it turns out the good news was falsely delivered....so yeah. I hate when people tell you something before they verify the facts, get your hopes all up and then WHAM!!! All of a sudden you're having a shitty ass day. What's up with that.

Now, as if having the rug YANKED out from under me isn't enough I get told...wait for it....I'm being irrational. So, let's recap shall we? I get told story A then arrive at my destination and am told that no, sorry, Story A was incorrect and you have to wait a week. This throws everything I have just planned for out of whack and puts in serious jeopardy several things. While this may not be said persons fault, it doesn't make the event any less real, or any less traumatic....right?

Then when said person begins to badger me about what's going on and I tell them it's nothing I want to discuss, they tell me I'm being irrational. God love lawyers.

I just want to find a nice quiet place to hunker down with a book and a tall glass of diet pepsi...is that so wrong?

God I need a vacation!!!

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