Darth Tater and a serious lack of laughter

Click the link.....go on click it! I'm sorry, but I think that a Mr. Potato Head dressed up like Darth Vader and named Darth Tater is FREAKIN hilarious. Apparently I'm just way to easily amused.

I laughed the first time I saw it in Time magazine and I laugh every time I see it still. Is there no child-like sense of humour left in the world? Anyone? Come on people, someone help me out here. There has to be at least ONE of you out there that's finds this funny.

*sighs* All right.....back to work, I mean I am getting paid.


knightjorge said...

They need to have a Mr. Potato Head that dresses up like Yoda. That would be totally classic! Vader Tater is hilarious though. Makes me wonder how much the person that thought that up got paid for it.

That's what we should do. We should go and work for a toy company and get paid big bucks for playing with toys all day. That would be great!! Almost Tony the Tiger grrrrrrrrreat!

~lauging so hard that I can't breath~

knightjorge said...

Have to correct myself. It's not Vader Tater, though that's still cute and I may just keep calling him that. It's Darth Tater. I just wasn't thinking properly when I wrote the above comment. My bad!