Assholes and Idiots

So I got and email today from someone that fits both of the above categories. Asshole, well I've already cover that, but let's refresh our memories, shall we?

This is a man, and please understand that I use that term in the loosest sense possible, that targets women he believes to be weak and lacking in self esteem, so that he can whisper sweet nothings in their ears to get them to do anything he asks. He does an awfully good job at playing Prince Charming...you know the guy I'm talking about, the one that looks all nice and shiny on the outside, but is hollow and rotted on the inside??? Yeah, that's him.

He made the mistake of thinking I was one of these women, and then, when he found out I wasn't decided that I wasn't actually his friend after all. He mistook the oddities of Manic Depression, for total obsession....not very bright, is he dear readers???

Today, I receive an email from this sadly narcissitic man...and get this, he's asking me to add my name to the messenger list of his latest "dear friend" I mean really....how sad is that? I mean why would I want to talk to any of his inane little friends?

All I have to say is .....Sheesh!!!


VhailorZ said...

i know what you mean,

its like ever since birth, all the guys/girls fall into this one category, this category of honesty, pureness, truth, kindness, love, joy, happyness...

but as all of us grow up, we all start moving into different categories..like the greedy categ. or the asshole, or the idiot.. and slowly but surely the parent category gets smaller and smaller.. until who remains?

that is the challenge.. to find someone who is still in that initial category. but time has tought me that this will truly be a search with no results... i guess we have to sometimes 'make do' with someone who is halfway in a category we dont approve of, and halfway in one we do approve of, and with hope we can try to move him all the way to where you hope and believes he belongs. .. understand? Im not saying we must change people... im just saying we must see the good in people, and try to tell that to them so that they can realise themselves that they dont belong halfway in the bad category, and WANT to move THEMSELVES into the good category... :)

Lord Aerthos Pendragon said...

Very sorry to hear that. Makes me feel bad for being male, even though I've heard enough people say that I'm an "exception".

Glad to see you're posting on here again too. :D

knightjorge said...

Just so you know...