The reasons why.....

This is my second post tonight and it's something I promised to put up last week, and then never had a chance to do.

The following is the list of reasons Stephanie is my sons god mother.

(1) Cares more for others than for self, would be likely to help instill that value in Jareth

(2) Is open minded and non-judgemental.

(3) Will be able to help Jareth continue on a path of solid spiritual growth, providing him with guidance and allowing him to question when he needs to.

(4) Understands the importance of being true to your word and the importance of standing by your own moral values, even when others may ridicule you for them. (This one was VERY important)

(5) Has a strong sense of family, that I believe she will help pass on to my son, making him feel loved and valued.

These were the five reasons I chose you to be Jareth's godmother, Steph. Other friends have some of these things, other friends have different qualities. But these are the five things I think you will give my son, adding value to his life, enriching it and making it better.

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knightjorge said...

OOOOhh! How sweet! I will try to instill all those things in your son, and reinforce the things that you teach him as he grows up. I love you and the young Jareth!