Duran Duran

What can I say...it's been twenty some years and I still love this band!!! I'm finally going to get the chance to see them live tonight and all that keeps going through my mind is OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! DURAN DURAN!!

When I was a teenager and the whole world seemed like crap, and it was dark and ugly all of the time, I always had their music to keep me grounded and alive....to keep me sane. I know that doesn't make any sense to most of the people that will read this, but I don't really care.

So, yeah....OH MY GOD!!!! DURAN DURAN!!!!

I will be back later tonight to tell you all about it!


knightjorge said...

Patiently waiting to hear about it. I posted a Duran Duran post tonight in honor of your experience. You should check it out. I went from my blog to yours and the top post was titled the same and they look the same so I thought my computer was buggin but it wasn't. My post is a little bit longer and goes on about more than just Duran Duran. You really should go check it out. Fun stuff I tell you.

And hurry up and post about the concert so I can read it. It's cruel making people wait for stuff like this! :) He he he!

Lord Aerthos Pendragon said...

I'm jealous. I've listened to a little Duran Duran in my time, and it is good music, no doubt.

Also, if you wanted to read my blog, I switched the address to aerthospdn.blogspot.com/